Friday, January 13, 2012

Gracias, adiós y buena suerte

Queridos Estudiantes,
It was fun having  you in my first Middle School Spanish class EVER. You taught me many things which will make me a better teacher in the future. My biggest lesson is "It is not about the right to be equal, but rather the equal right to be different."   RESPECT OUR DIVERSITY. TREASURE WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON AS HUMANS.

Gracias por "palabras y acciones ásperas." They taught me to seek peaceful conflict resolution.  I hope they taught you that you only bring negativity to your relationship with others when you choose this path.

Gracias por "palabras y acciones suaves." You want a peaceful, organized, caring world to learn and grow.  I do too! They inspired me to keep striving for PAZ and balance in life. 
YO AMO mi clase del quinto grado de castellano.  A Mí ME GUSTAN mis estudiantes.   ¡Buena suerte en la clase de francés! 

Sra. Clay

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