Friday, April 20, 2012

El viernes 20 de abril del dos mil doce

We will be going to The Respect Diversity Foundation 2012 Symbol Exhibit.  This exhibit will bring to mind family values from Oklahoma children and teens.  Make a list of how many you find in common with the values you placed in your family trees.
Respeto por la dignidad humana es el valor que mi padre has in common!
Creatividad es el valor que mi madre has in common!

The CEO of RDF, Mrs. Joan Korenblit helped you learned about the exhibit el viernes pasado (last Friday).  As a class, you made a project last year.  Casady also has several other pieces at the exhibit.  Can you tell me how many?

The goal is to help you see how  Palabras (words-which could be in any language), Dibujos (drawings), creatividad (creativity), colaboracion (colaboration) were used to create a kinder more caring community where there is understanding and respect for our diversity  and our earth.

I attended their opening gala and created the below smilebox. 
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