Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review of months, seasons and weather

Thank you for doing your TAREA!  Before you check the songs below about las estaciones, los meses y el tiempo, view the below video. It is a great review of all what we have been doing in class lately. Do not forget to take your parents to Edmodo and chose your favorite cancion de las estaciones (Seasons song). Do not forget to post that you were in Edmodo!!! Give your parents your code to join your Edmodo account!

¿Por qué hay estaciones? Why are there seasons?

Los meses de verano en paises al sur del Ecuador son enero, febrero y marzo. Los meses del invierno al norte del Ecuador son enero, febrero, marzo. If you want an interesting explanation and you have 10 minutes view the video below. See you el lunes! We missed Sam last viernes!

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