Thursday, August 18, 2011



A:              ár-bol,                      a-zul,            a-ma-ri-llo
E:              e-le-fan-te                es-cue-la
I:               i-gle-sia
O:             o-so                           o-re-jas,            o-í-dos     o-jos

U:             u-vas,                        u-ñas

Please look at the Smilebox and send an e-mail to stating what grade you deserve for "your introduction."   

0-          I was not in class.  What is going on?  I have make-up to do!
1-6        I want a redo.  I can do better. 
7-8        I sound good.  Any person from Peru would understand me.
9-10      I sound exactly like Mrs. Clay.  GREAT!!!

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